Planning strategies and actions

The absence of a plan

The stressed teacher may well be highly impacted by student behaviour, but it is not the previous behaviour of a student that is causing their stress. It’s the absence of a plan for things to be better. Stress is amplified by a strong sense of pain that the subject feels could well be permanent. Indeed, this sense of permanent anguish is something that also contributes highly to suicide rates.

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The formality trap

You’ve no doubt heard observations about measurement and data such as, what matters gets measured, and what we measure is what ends up mattering. This succinct statement serves as a reminder that the most effective path to success isn’t always the easiest to quantify.

Formal assessments and evaluations such as NAPLAN data, strategic plans and staffing formulae have a significant role to play. However, we all intuitively know that it’s the informal and intangible elements such as teacher-student relationships, pedagogical method and team dynamic that will ultimately determine whether your strategic objectives are met.

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