Teaching and Learning

Safe, respectful and inclusive schools and workplaces are critical to achieving staff and student well-being and high quality educational goals and targets. Through purposeful and intentional strategies, policies and programs, schools already foster a culture of respect. Respectful relationships education extends the capacity of schools and Child and Family Centres to provide targeted professional support through a whole school approach and curriculum based teaching and learning.
Our resources, from birth to Year 12 are a comprehensive series of practical modules linked to the Early Years Learning Framework (ELYF) and the Australian Curriculum.

The package includes a scope-and-sequence, teaching and learning activities and links to resources. The activities provide explicit opportunities for developmentally appropriate learning about gender stereotypes and roles, keeping safe, respectful relationships and who to ask for help if your safety is threatened.

Our intention is that schools will use all, or parts of the resource within their context and priorities.

Download the Respectful Relationships Early Years Teaching and Learning Package (7MB)

Download the Respectful Relationships Teaching and Learning Package F-Y12 (39MB)

Embedding Respectful Relationships Education

The following example illustrates how Kings Meadows High School in Launceston are working towards embedding RRE into teaching of the Health and Physical Education curriculum and aligning to other initiatives such as White Ribbon.

Teaching and Learning in Practice

The following videos have been created by kids for kids. They include tips and scenarios to help thinking about what it means to create positive relationships. They also provide examples of some of the activities in the Build Positive Relationships and School Cultures program guide. We have provided a range of activities for you to choose from. We hope that you will have fun showing them and doing the activities. We hope they will encourage your own students to explore different scenarios and come up with their own videos. For more information on the making of the videos go to the bottom of the page.

The Say 10 positive things in 10 days challenge
RRE Modules Year 3-4 (Module 1: Concept 1)
RRE Modules Year 5-6 (Module 1: Concept 1.3)

Will you take up the challenge? Say 10 positive things in 10 days! Be inspired to change meanness into friendCHIPS.

Releasing stuck emotions
RRE Modules Year 3-4 (Module 2: Concept 2.2)

If you are overwhelmed with emotions or feeling down then here are some quick tips for releasing them and getting back to who you are.

What can you do if you have no friends?
RRE Modules Year 3-4 (Module 1: Concept 1.1)
RRE Modules Year 5-6 (Module 1: Concept 1.1 and 1.3)

Sometimes it is very hard to find people to be your friends. In this video Daisy asks the Grand Poobar of Wiseness for help.