Teaching and Learning

Safe, respectful and inclusive schools and workplaces are critical to achieving staff and student wellbeing and high-quality educational goals and targets. Through purposeful and intentional strategies, policies and programs, schools already foster a culture of respect. Respectful relationships education extends the capacity of schools and Child and Family Learning Centres to provide targeted professional support through a whole school approach and curriculum-based teaching and learning.

Our resources, from Prep – Year 10 are a comprehensive series of practical modules linked to the V9 Australian Curriculum.

The package is organised by junctures of schooling. Each package includes a scope-and-sequence, teaching and learning activities and links to resources. The activities provide explicit opportunities for developmentally appropriate learning about consent education, gender stereotypes and roles, keeping safe, respectful relationships and who to ask for help if your safety is threatened.

Our intention is schools will use all, or parts of the resource within their context and priorities.

The following resources have been updated in 2023:


Other teaching and learning packages:


Embedding Respectful Relationships Education

Respectful Relationships Education teaching and learning resources align curriculum and professional learning with whole school implementation processes. A whole school approach to respectful behaviour and relationships is about working together to build positive, inclusive learning environments and a culture of respect based on responsibility, integrity and accountability.

The following video illustrates how Kings Meadows High School in Launceston is working towards embedding RRE into their Health and Physical Education program as part of their whole school approach to respectful relationships education.