About Respectful Relationships Education

The Department for Education, Children and Young People maintains a whole-of-system, research-based approach to developing and maintaining respectful relationships education.

An essential element of the Survivors at the Centre: Tasmania’s Third Family and Sexual Violence Action Plan 2022-2027 (PDF, 6MB) has been the redevelopment of an extensive range of resources designed to support schools, communities and individuals to understand why family and sexual abuse and violence occurs and how to reduce further instances of violence.

At the centre of this initiative is an online and publicly available resource package, incorporating teaching and learning sequences, strategies, processes and skills to guide schools and communities in the explicit teaching of respectful relationships education. The resources are designed to support school communities to model positive environments and appropriate behaviours in which individuals know, understand and engage in equitable and respectful relationships.

Respectful relationships education, which includes consent education, aims to ensure all Tasmanian communities value a culture of respect.