How can I work with my school?

Coming together … the bullying solution

There are some myths around bullying that we’d do well to bust with some average, every day common sense. For instance, many of us think that bullying is simply a behavioural problem. Essentially, it isn’t. If it were, we could deprogram and then reprogram children to behave differently. Literally thousands of anti-bullying programs have been tried across the globe in recent decades. Why haven’t we found one that works yet?

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Handling our emotions when bullying happens

It is genuinely tough to guarantee anything about the way that you will react if bullying enters your lives through your children. So it stands to reason that it’s equally tough to guarantee that you or the school will use the right strategy at these times. Guarantees are difficult to make because of the high level of emotion that you feel when you find out that your child has either been bullied or is bullying.

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