Teacher Tools

These tools provide a set of engaging activities to use with students individually, in groups and as whole classes. They are designed to develop the skills to prevent bullying and to assist in building positive school cultures from the ground up.

  1. The Resilience Hand (PDF 119KB)
  2. Is It Bullying Checklist (PDF 116KB)
  3. Teaching Social Skills (PDF 118KB)
  4. The Class Bullying Policy (PDF 118KB)
  5. The Empathy Snake (PDF 119KB)
  6. The No Game (PDF 144KB)
  7. Sticking Up (PDF 114KB)
  8. When a Teacher Isn’t There (PDF 152KB)
  9. Stepping In (PDF 116KB)
  10. Cyberbullying – Top 5 Podcast (PDF 119KB)