What is Bullying?

I saw the signs

Hindsight is a truly wonderful thing. With the benefit of hindsight, we are often able to clearly see root causes of bullying problems, points of failure, opportunities missed and sometimes avenues of blame. While hindsight does not enable us to respond to moments that have already passed, we can use this hindsight to inform how we might respond in the future.

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How do I know if it’s really bullying?

Bullying. The “B word”. It is used so frequently today that it has become a challenge for parents and carers and for schools to identify the circumstances that genuinely constitute bullying and those that are one-off inappropriate behaviour choices. This is not to imply that inappropriate one-off behaviour choices are not serious. They also need to be addressed. It is, however, really important to know the difference between what bullying is and what it is not, so that the appropriate responses and strategies can be used.

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